Everest Heating & Cooling’s expert plumbers are happy to service and install the maintenance-free Halo 5 water softeners. The Halo 5 is a whole house water filtration and conditioning system that protects your family, your home, and the planet through a chemical-free 5 stage purification process. The Halo 5 is an eco-friendly solution to your home’s hard water and chlorine problems. The skilled technicians at Everest Heating & Cooling offer a hassle-free installation process to improve the quality of your home’s water.

Halo5 Water Softener
Halo 5 Whole House Water Filtration & Conditioning System

Water Softener Services You Can Trust

At Everest Heating & Cooling, we offer water softeners services that you can trust. We’re here to help, so call us at 913-845-9463 to schedule an appointment today.

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